Law and Tax in tandem.

Decoding the complexities between law and accounting so you can make the strategic decisions that secure your legacy.

Plan Strategically
Mitigate Risk
Secure Your Legacy

Almost every function of your business requires legal and accounting expertise.

The firms you rely on practice only one profession.

With you as the sole conduit between two or more professional firms, the potential for error, inefficiency, and oversight is multiplied.  The likely results: lost time, costly mistakes and an increased probability of failure.
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You’ve worked hard to build your wealth and influence.

At TACSIS, we understand that as your needs change, you need partners who can customize solutions that protect and prepare you for what matters most — your future, family, and legacy.
Our expertise and deep knowledge of both law and accounting allow us to manage even the most complicated financial scenarios while giving our clients the experience and personal attention of a boutique firm. We’ve helped more than 100 companies and family groups achieve success.
Whether it’s saving millions of dollars in estate tax, avoiding costly litigation, getting approved for financing, or developing a positive succession plan, with TACSIS, nothing goes unnoticed or gets dropped from the equation.

Get a fully-informed approach to your goals in three steps:

Step One:


Contact TACSIS and we’ll address your immediate needs, whether it’s for legal help, accounting help, or both.
Step Two:


We’ll assess the ways in which an entente of accounting and law could lend more efficiencies and profitability to your entire portfolio.
Step Three:


Our experts stay laser-focused on your goals so you can direct your energy to the fruits of your successes.

You will have complete and comprehensive strategies for the issues that impact the future of your business, family, and legacy.

Expertise in Action



Receive a tailored approach to actionable data and precise strategies that elicit growth.

Tax and Law in Tandem

Leverage our team’s deep knowledge in both modalities for maximum efficiency and profitability.


Enjoy the confidence of impenetrable protection, guidance, and assurance in your corner.

Contact us today.

We’re here for you whether you have a quick question or feel ready for a more streamlined approach to full-service financial and legal expertise. It’s time to stop waiting for all the “experts” to get up to speed and start moving forward with the comprehensive, expertise-backed guidance of tax and law in tandem.