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If you have a stake in an established business or family group, you understand the importance of partnership. There can be no silos when it comes to big-picture success. Every decision affects the whole. There are intricacies, nuance, and many moving parts to consider.
That’s why it’s imperative to be fully-informed when making strategic decisions that impact the future of your business, family, and legacy. Many situations may require legal and accounting expertise, but as you know, most firms practice just one profession.
This can leave you feeling frustrated and even vulnerable. You’re forced to take on the burden of serving as conduit between experts, while the potential miscommunications, information gaps, and lag in efficiency could cost an incredible amount of time, money, and stress. You deserve a complete and comprehensive approach.
Let’s face it: you’ve worked hard to build your wealth and influence. When your needs change and expand, you need consistency. You want partners who can easily accommodate and customize creative solutions to help you protect and prepare for what matters most — your future, family, and long-term legacy.
At TACSIS, we understand the importance of partnership. That’s why we’ve created one firm with dual specialties. Law and accounting collaborate for strategic planning, risk mitigation, and fully-informed financial guidance. Our deep knowledge of both modalities allows us to manage the most complex financial situations and give our clients the experience and personal attention of a boutique firm. As a result, we’ve helped more than 100 companies and family groups achieve success. Whether saving millions of dollars in estate tax, avoiding costly litigation, or developing a positive succession plan, with TACSIS, nothing gets dropped from the equation.
The last thing you need is more complications, so we keep the process simple. The first step is addressing your immediate needs, whether it’s for legal help, accounting help, or both. Then, with an insightful solution in place, we can assess other ways this tandem expertise can lend more efficiencies and profitability to your entire portfolio. You’ll finally have clarity and, almost immediately, you’ll notice the peace it brings. With shrewd and tactful experts (who understand you and will prioritize your goals) monitoring your financial strategy, you can turn your energy to the fruits of your successes.

Meet theTeam

Kent Limson, CPA, MBA
John Manzano, ESQ, JD, MBA
Senior Attorney
John Watters, CPA
Senior Director of Estate & Trust Taxation / Administration
Lorrie Walton, ESQ
Roberto Anaya, CPA
Associate Director of Accounting
Richard Manzano, ESQ
Senior Litigation Specialist
Heather LeRoy
Senior Paraprofessional
Nancy Steelman
Sodenni Wang
Accounting Senior Associate
Meredith Manzano
Director of Client Services
Valerie Munoz
Tabatha Eddy
Assistant Office Manager
Caleb Justis
Accounting Administrative Assistant
Ryan Arakawa, ESQ
Luke Peña
Head of Recruitment

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